Weird Sleeping Situations

As a traveller, sometimes you gotta get used to sleeping wherever you can for the night. For me it’s not about beautiful, fluffy white comforters(although those were nice in Montreal) or the best sleep I have ever slept. It’s about the adventures you’ll have during your waking hours.

During my longest roadtrip ever(48+ hours to Banff National Park in Canada), one of my safe havens when it was late and impossible to find a hotel was actually Walmart. Walmart actually lets you park your car or RV in their parking lot overnight and for free. On that same roadtrip, there was a night when we could not find a hotel, airbnb, couchsurfer, or walmart.

So, we fell asleep parked in the car next to a sold out hotel. Covered in blankets, car seat laying down, and the sun coming up I heard a knock on the car window. It was a lady who mistaked us for being homeless, and wanted to give us a 10 dollar bill. I cried thinking of how sweet I thought it was that she cared for random strangers. I also cried because in that moment I felt a little homeless.

After that occurrence though, we headed for the mountains and hiked with the most incredible views. We saw lakes that looked like gatorade ready for someone to drink, mountain peaks so high and snowy that they seemed like they were digital paintings, and trees that smelled like Christmas in July. The nature there is one of the most amazing that my eyes have had the pleasure to witness in my entire life.

In Spring of 2018 I travelled to Europe for two months and reached a variety of countries thanks to Ryan Air and Vueling(Cheap airlines—I flew for about $18 dollars to Spain). When I was in Germany, I decided to go on a roadtrip to Paris at the last minute with a friend, her cousins and her cousins’ baby. We hit the road without even looking for a hotel. We figured we’d just find one when we arrived(big mistake). Of course, we found no vacant hotels.

After spending hours looking for a vacancy, we gave up and coincidentially drove to a street with an empty parking space with the Eiffel tower shining right in front of us just about a block or two away. It was cold but I’ll never forget all four of us peeing behind the car, one by one, the Eiffel tower as our only witness. It sparkled in the background as if to say, Welcome, Darling. Our Paris trip was quite hectic to say the least but I loved walking in the rain in such a romantic city.

So, where you sleep doesn’t matter as much as the sights you see and the things you get to experience in new countries. You can sleep comfortably when you’re at home. A good night’s sleep is nice when you are abroad but I’ll trade some good ZZZ’s for a good experience any day.

Portugal 2018

So.  I love the excitement and support I got from many people in my life about traveling to Europe.  I have been dreaming about coming here since taking Portuguese classes in college a few years back.  I fell in love with the language almost instantly after first hearing it from my aunt, and so when it was time to take two semesters of a language, I knew what I had to choose.  It is SO GOOD to hear everyone speaking it here, and read all the signs and menus in portuguese.  I feel like I’m working out my brain every time I try to decipher a conversation on the subway or what the daily specials are.  

When my best friend and I got to the airport, literally 30 seconds of walking with our brand new shiny backpacks and I knew we were in for a special treat.  Note to self: Backpacking in Europe may or may NOT be as cool as it looks/sounds.  Opt for a boring rolly suitcase next time, and risk looking like a tourist rather than a turtle.  Our bags are super heavy and carrying them through the airport was such torture.  

When I bought this computer, I bought it with the goal of being a digital nomad one day.  Over the years I have slowly slowly gotten jobs that are online–my first one being for Mariana Caplan in San Francisco who needed me to get her more clients for her yoga and psyche workshop (very cool)–but right now I am finally being a digital nomad and traveling Europe whilst having two online jobs.  I cannot believe my full time gig agreed to let me do this.  I feel so blessed.  know they think I’m crazy but I also know that deep down, I also think I’m crazy.

Starting this year drinking champagne with my mum and listening to the NYE special in New York as I do on most new years, I did not ever dream that this would be a possibility.  The idea to be here, right now, in between teaching English classes in bed sans socks in a small bedroom in Anjos, Lisbon, Portugal was one that came to me in January. I decided I really wanted to get to know places by living in them as a local rather than as a tourist.  

Porto, Portugal.

So to me, Lisbon is much nicer than Porto.  HOWEVER, the Ribiera in porto makes the trip up north so worth it.  It is absolutely stunning.  Especially at night.  One advantage I love about Portugal is being able to walk everywhere.  I love exercising, and with all the hills and narrow walks between buildings , you really don’t need a car or a gym membership.  Our first night in Porto we sat next to the river and under the bridge listening to music being played by a young man in a big jacket and a guitar.  There was a moment Karen told me to look up and there was a huge flock of very white birds flying above us.  That, paired with the music and the water was so damn peaceful.  I cried thinking about how lucky I felt to be travelling full time at the moment- a wish I had been wishing for on 11:11 for quite some time now.