I intend to make a difference for the dreamers, the doers, and the ones whose brand vision keeps them up at night. I intend to be the catalyst for entrepreneurs to take their stories seriously, and start communicating to their audience with a more human-centered approach.

I wear many hats and am passionate about each discipline I’ve chosen to dive into. I expect the same from my clients, and always strive to work with people who are equally as enthusiastic about what they do.

I believe in underpromising and overdelivering–then overdelivering again. I believe in creating your own opportunities when you can’t find one. I believe in being passionately curious, and never losing that sense of wonder we all fostered as children.

I believe in striving for social change and advocating for the little guy. I believe in mental health and the vital role it plays in our overall wellbeing. I believe in feminism that truly places value in inclusion. I believe in diversity and facing racial biases.

I believe in change, and traveling to new horizons both literally and figuratively. I believe in a balance of intensity and subtlety. I believe in valuing people, and not taking this beautiful, crazy little world for granted–even for a second. I believe in the microadventures, as well as the earth-shattering adventures.

I wish to create a world in which education is at the forefront. I am a teacher but I am also a lifelong student and wish to work with brands that empower their customers to be the best damn version of themselves. Knowledge is actually power. I want to create a world that is magnificent yet simple…modern yet a little bit funky. I wish to use imagination to build remixed landscapes that never quite existed.