What is in your mind?

What comes out on paper, Adobe Illustrator, or even on the sidewalk with chalk…it’s always different than what was in my mind. i have to admit it’s frustrating sometimes. I can imagine all day. And in fact, I do. 

Daily conversations I’m a part of or overhear on the tube, funny thoughts I might have in my head about certain situations, characters I witness around town that definitely look like extras in a movie…I’m constantly inspired to create (though I may not always act on this inspiration).

What I do isn’t always what the finished drawing looks like. Honestly most of the time it isn’t. But I like getting closer and closer to closing the gap between what I think up in my mind and what comes out of my fingers. It’s imperative to get comfortable with not producing exactly what you have in mind. 

 That is actually the reason I believe most people don’t continue drawing. Because they may imagine themselves creating something so realistic and so beautiful, and are ashamed when reality is not as nice as it is in their minds (this, by the way, applies to way more than simply drawing. It applies to life as a whole).  As a lifelong artist, I’ve experienced this countless times myself and understand the annoyance with your hands not being able to translate.

Learning to be okay with the gap by acknowledging that it exists, and all the while chasing it, is one of the greatest lessons that will allow you the freedom it takes just to start.  Without this, it is difficult, if not impossible, to have the motivation to create art again.