I used to be terrified of death.

Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, undeniably.

Now I realize that we actually die all. the. time.

I have been through so many phases, and have been so many people in this lifetime. There are versions of myself that I do not recognize, versions I have loved + lost, and there’s versions of me that I’m going to become in the future…versions I can’t wait to meet one day.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Can you imagine if I was still the 16 year old version of me who skipped math tutoring all the time and had no clue what news outside of her little Californian town was?

Or what if I was junior year in college me, who worked 2 jobs, 6 classes and a habit of drinking too much wine? It’s crazy that sometimes I feel a version of me dying. I see certain parts of her dwindle into nonexistence, or I see other parts of her slowly growing like dandelions.

I feel like I am on the edge of another personal death. And that’s not a bad thing. We grow as long as we are willing to, and I am very excited for the change that is coming up ahead.

Each new level in life shakes, stirs and spins me around-preparing me for the next level up. I know that as much as I’ve grown(especially in the last few years), I still have much, much to learn and grow from.

The version of me that I am currently walking in is a sweet one that I will think of fondly. I wonder what version I am going to become next? Stay tuned.