It’s a word I always want to define me.

I have a couple degrees and a couple certifications under my belt but even if one day I get a doctorate’s degree-I know that one life is not enough to learn everything there is to learn. I used to think that as an adult I would finally have everything figured out. I would no longer question everything.

With time I’ve learned that I will never stop learning. I never want to lose my curiosity for other people’s perspectives, for new landscapes, for endless facts about this crazy world.

I think it’s important to keep that student point of view so that you are open to the world and all it can teach you. Education is evolving and once you learn one discipline, it’s not over. You need to keep up with the constant new techniques and information that emerge from your career.

Your eyes need to keep the wonder they had when you were a baby; curious of what everything is. Be humble like a student might be on their first day of quantum physics class.

Life is a professor that has so much to teach you, I promise.