I’ve been meditating a lot on gratitude lately.

When I get on my mat, my teachers love to have us set an intention for our practice. If nothing else or nobody else comes to mind, then focus on gratitude. During ying yoga yesterday I thanked God for the opportunity to experience life on this spinning rock. I thanked him repeatedly. Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Especially when my mind starts to drift or I forget that I have to breathe(sounds silly but it is super common to do this during yoga, even after years of practice). I keep giving thanks for having found a deeper yoga practice this year. My word for 2019 is root, and I definitely feel grateful for the mental, spiritual and physical effects I’ve drawn from practicing 4-5 times a week at a studio vs my tiny room. I’m placing roots in this practice that has been an on and off thing for me for so many years.

I heard somebody talk about gratitude and forgiveness being linked, and I agree. If you foresake something and don’t see the value it used to bring you, it will be hard to forgive. Another example of needing gratitude to forgive actually came into my life last night. A portuguese woman around my age and her daughter rearended my mother and I. I was at a roundabout that I absolutely dread yet use almost daily. I yielded to another car, and she crashed into me from behind. I was really calm about it while it was happening. I was reflecting on how bad the crash could have been. A truck could’ve hit me on the side, I could’ve gone spinning into the other lane, my mother could have been severely injured or died.

So rather than feel angry or sad that I was in an accident, I’m incredibly thankful that it was as it was, and not something much bigger. Gratefulness is such a buzzword lately but it truly enriches your life when you can let go, forgive, and give thanks.