Even when everyone else is settling down and focusing on something completely different like marriage and babymaking.

It’s a little bit hard to think that you are doing the wrong thing because you are not doing the “right” thing. You know the script—graduate college, find a job that is OK(in your field, that pays the bills), find the love of your life in a coffeeshop, get married, get a mortgage, have kids, go to soccer practice..sound familiar?

I’ll admit, sometimes, when I’m passing by a small child on the sidewalk with his mom and dad I definitely have the urge to have the same thing. But when I really think about it, that’s not the life I want at all. I am proud of myself for not following the crowd; no matter how sweet it may seem. I feel comfort in the road, and the constant moving. I actually start to feel itchy if I stay in one place for too long. That may be why I left to volunteer in California, drove down then moved to Florida, and travelled throughout Europe for two months.

I like the constant movement. My best memories have been on the road, on a trail, or simply on my feet. I know that one day I may look back on this period of my life and think of how crazy I was(like when you look at old photos from 10 years ago and realize those pink bangs were not quite as cute as you thought they were) but for now I’m pretty happy with my lifestyle choices thusfar.