Today’s ESL class topic was space.

This is one of my favorite topics because it is so vast that I learn something new almost every time with my students. If it’s not in the actual material they are learning that day, it’s in the curiosity that the very students teach me to have. That innocent, beautiful curiosity children have that doesn’t just accept information but questions it and looks at it from all makes me so happy to witness. When I see that it inspires me to bring that same curiosity into my own life.

There was only one student in class. His name was Max and he had long hair paired with black glasses. We were learning about the different planets. When we were at the part where the sun was shown next to Mercury(the closest planet to the sun), the lesson was that when it is daytime the temperature is about 801 degrees farenheit. When night falls, it is -279 degrees farenheit. That is the greatest temperature variation of all the planets! Max asked me, “Teacher, why don’t we live on Mercury?”

At that moment I immediately realized what a GIANT miracle it is that we are living on this particular planet. I told him that it’s because our planet has jusssst the right temperature and atmosphere to support our living. Any other planet would be either too hot or too cold. We are the exact right distance from the sun. I don’t think it’s an accident that we’re here. It’s funny how often kids can remind you of how crazy our very ability to exist in the Milky Way galaxy is.

Thanks, Max.