Sometimes I go weeks without creating something just for the sake of creating.

What gets me out of that funk is usually experiencing something out of my ordinary. A small concert in Massachusettes, a drawathon that lasts until 6am in SoHo, an art gallery warehouse in Cuba, a poetry slam at Yale…all of these experiences have brought me home excited to create again.

I recently decided to go to a solo piano concert by an old college friend. He plays piano with such a crazy passion; it’s so cool to watch his body and facial expressions. There was a moment when he told the audience to close their eyes as he plays a particular piece. I did, and in those 3-5 minutes I had a whole illustrated story in my head. Behind my eyes I saw kids running and laughing in giant fields of pastel yellow flowers, then finding a tall willow tree that looked perfect for climbing up to the sky. Up they climbed, scrambling and helping eachother up the limbs until they reached the enormous fluffy white clouds. Once they reached the clouds, they started running again, playing tag and laughing so much they almost ran out of breath. Some of the smaller kids were having a hard time climbing the limbs. One of the big kids noticed and got everyone to go help them up. Nobody gets left behind here.

This whole story just to say that your surroundings and what you experience can really spark your creative brain back into being creative again. Being around other creative people or attending an event or traveling 18 hours on a plane to see new land makes a huge difference in your mindset. In turn this will effect the content of the work you produce. I never want to stay comfortable. I want change to shake me up. And often.