I taught english class at 640am today, same as I usually do every day.

Today though, there was a moment that was different. Today I had a student named Sara who was especially curious about, well, everything. I adore when students are like this. I think it’s important to be curious and to never stop learning.

Sometimes it’s hard to answer all the questions your students have though. In each class, there is vocabulary that the students need to learn. A couple of the words for this class were Church and Pastor. After learning what a church is, Sara asked me: “Teacher, why do so many people believe in God? ”

There’s so many reasons. But I wanted her to understand what draws people to religion. I told her when people grow a little older(she was about 7), they feel that they need to believe in something bigger than themselves to give meaning to their lives. I asked her, “What do you believe in?” She said, “Myself.” I think it’s very cute for her to say that but I know one day she’ll crave more to believe in.

If not, then maybe she’ll notice how miraculous it is that we are floating in space on a giant ball full of more than 7 billion people, with more than 10,000 species of animals being found every year..or that our bodies HAD to be created by a higher intelligence. Look at how functional yet beautiful our eyelashes are; preventing debris from hurting our eyes. Or look at how we have literal cages (our ribs) protecting and supporting two of our most important organs—the heart and the lungs.

Or maybe she won’t realize any of that. But I hope that one day she will find something to believe in other than herself.