Right before booking tickets to Cuba, I felt the urge to look up volunteer opportunities. Helping people makes me so happy, and I wanted to experience doing so in another country for the first time. With some research, I quickly found Finca Tungasuk.

Finca Tungasuk is a small organic farm about an hour away from Havana, in Caimito. We didn’t have to worry about transportation because the nicest man named Pedro in a little red car from 1945(we asked) took us both to and from.

When we arrived, Alfredo and many beautiful dogs came running to greet us. He greeted us with a smile and fresh yogurt for breakfast. Then, he let us borrow rainboots and gloves and we started working with the farm workers to plant avocado trees with shovels and take out weeds with machetes. I also helped round up the goats, and led them to eat. It was such a hot day but I actually loved working next to Cuban natives. It was very humbling to be contributing to the success of their farm, even if just for a few hours.

After working hard to help our new friends, Alfredo and his assistant (Not Annabelle, we didn’t get to meet her unfortunately) made us the most DELICIOUS lunch, using fresh organic ingredients grown right in the farm. It included rice, chicken, veggies, potatoes, homemade salsa, and guava juice…I still salivate at the thought,haha.

Alfredo was also a pleasure to speak with, it was so interesting learning about his world travels and what it’s like living and farming in Cuba. After lunch we relaxed in the hammocks and said our goodbyes. Pedro drove us home and even stopped by his house to give us soap because we had mentioned forgetting to pack it in our suitcases. A gesture I thought was so sweet and humble.

Overall, if you are thinking about volunteering at Finca Tungasuk (or any farm for that matter), Please do it!! Just do it. It was definitely one of the highest highlights of my one week trip to Cuba.